Head and face massage

(30 minutes)

Head and face massage will fill you with energy, improve blood circulation to the head, hair growth and health. During the facial massage, the eyes and ears relax and the sensory perception is strengthened.

Head massage is a miraculous program that will help maintain facial skin tone, thus preserving youth. The main techniques – alternating gentle circular movements of the fingers and strong pressure with the thumbs, stroking the forehead and nose, where important acupressure points are concentrated, pinching the eyebrows.

Thai foot massage

30 minutes

60 minutes

It is a combination of reflexology and traditional Thai foot massage. Reflexology helps to restore the lost internal balance. In the process of massage there is a stimulation of certain organs of the body, when the masseur affects the corresponding nerve endings on the soles of the feet. Due to the impact on different points of the feet, you can relieve fatigue and relieve stress, balance the nervous system and refresh the mind, stimulate blood circulation and improve the work of internal organs, eliminate back and joint pain.