On the basis of our medical diagnostic center, a rehabilitation treatment center has been created, which includes highly qualified specialists who are engaged in the treatment of degenerative-dystrophic and post-traumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The complex use of physiotherapy, manual and autogenous techniques is the main principle of the treatment process in our department.


  • Intervertebral hernia
  • Back pain, lower back, neck or thoracic region
  • osteochondrosis
  • scoliosis
  • sciatica
  • protrusion
  • Joint pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • Rehabilitation of the shoulder joint
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Spondiloartroz and spondylolisthesis


Clinical and diagnostic methods:

  • Consultation with a vertebroneurologist;
  • Doctor’s consultation on bioregulation correction with antihomotoxic drugs (Biopuncture with Heel drugs);
  • Consultation with a reflexologist (acupuncture);
  • Consultation of a therapist (urologist);
  • Additional examinations (ultrasound diagnostics of joints, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, densitometry, MRI, CT, X-ray).

The directions of treatment are recommended:

  • physiotherapy:
    • Electrotherapy;
    • Electrophoresis (with mud from the Kuyalnitsky deposit, bischofite, KARIPAIN and others);
    • Laser therapy;
    • Ultraphonophoresis using medicinal and phyto-complexes: (Dolobene gel, zel-T, traumeel S, CARIPAIN, ultragel, Gialgel, bischofit and others);
    •  Magnetotherapy (with bischofite);
    • Hypobaric oxygenation (pressure chamber);
    • Shock wave therapy;
    • Tekar therapy (high-frequency electrotherapy);
    • HiTop-therapy (Visokotone therapy);
    • Functional magnetic stimulation (FMS – TESLA);
    • Hardware massage with hood, infrared rays, moxibustion, acupressure;
    • Computer traction (computer traction of the spine);
    •  Swing therapy;
    •  Quantum-magneto-infrared laser therapy.
  • hydrotherapy:
    • Dry carbon dioxide (sage baths);
    • Baths with underwater and pearl massage (with mineral, phyto-concentrates, hydrogen sulfide, turpentine and others);
    • Baths with pearl massage for the upper and lower extremities with mineral and phyto-concentrates;
    • Souls (Charcot, hydro-laser);
  • plasma therapy (TAP therapy with autologous platelet plasma);
  • carboxytherapy (CO2 gas injections);
  • ozone therapy (large autohemotherapy, ozonized saline solution, subcutaneous injections with ozone);
  • hirudotherapy;
  • kinesiological tempo;
  • paravertebral blockade;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • mud therapy (wraps, applications, ozokeritotherapy (with bischofite, with phyto-creams)