In the modern world, we are repeatedly faced with the problems of overweight, diabetes mellitus and other metabolic diseases that arise in us and our families. Individual selection of medical procedures and healing waters of the Skhidnytsya deposits helps to normalize metabolic disorders and hormonal conditions in the body. The developed program allows for examination and treatment of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, gout, disorders of fat, salt metabolism and others.


  • type I and II diabetes mellitus;
  • excess body weight and other types of excess nutrition;
  • gout;
  • dyslipidemia;
  • violation of salt metabolism.

The metabolic normalization program includes: the complex use of the unique waters of the “Naftusya” type of the Skhidnytsya deposit and medical or rehabilitation procedures according to the doctor’s prescriptions, a swimming pool, medical nutrition, walks in the clean mountain air.

Treatment results:

Normalization of all types of metabolism due to protein-synthesizing, pigment, antitoxic, carbon-exchange functions of the liver.

Normalization of digestion processes, cleaning and improving the excretory function of the intestines, which reduces the intoxication of the body.

The indicators of lipid and protein metabolism improve, the blood sugar level stabilizes. “Naftusya” helps to eliminate salts of heavy metals and radionuclides from the body.

Well-being, physical and mental performance improves, a feeling of a surge of vital energy.