For your comfort, the specialists of the medical center have developed programs in various directions, when purchasing which you have the opportunity to receive a discount on accommodation and treatment, which is included in the tour price.

Detoxification program according to the methods of a French scientist and professor, nutritionist

Integral French therapy – is carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Within one week, a pronounced drainage effect and intensive excretion of toxins is provided. Deep relaxation is achieved, metabolic processes are actively stimulated and skin, ligament and muscle tone are improved. The body receives a strong energy charge that helps fight aging!

Rehabilitation and rehabilitation program for athletes

Medical Center – Skhidnytsia will be happy to provide you with comprehensive professional assistance in the treatment of sports injuries and rehabilitation. Our specialists in rehabilitation – kinesitherapists, neurologists – reflexologists and vertebral neurologists have created a unique program of rehabilitation and rehabilitation of athletes to achieve the best results ……

Tour for 5 days

The air in Skhidnytsia has healing properties, and in addition, the complex has a modern medical center, equipped with the latest equipment and uses the latest technological advances. The staff of the medical center consists of highly qualified staff. Our medical center is the only one in Ukraine that has such a wide range of medical procedures, functional diagnostics, its own laboratory, equipment from world-famous manufacturers …

Program for chronic inflammatory processes of the uterine appendages

The main factor that distinguishes pediatrics as a whole separate science and gives it the right to be considered one of the most important branches of medicine – is that a child can not be considered simplified, considering it only a small copy of an adult.

Therefore, a pediatrician’s appointment at Kyivska Russ esort Medical & Spa is, first of all, a special approach to your baby…

Program for chronic inflammatory processes of the uterine appendages

Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs have long and ingloriously occupied the first place among other nosologies in gynecology. Chronic cases are still the cause of many disorders of reproductive function in women, among which the most significant are infertility and habitual miscarriage. ….

Reproductive Health Program

Often the concept of “reproductive health” is understood in a narrow sense – as physiological and physical conditions that are designed to reproduce healthy offspring. But reproductive health consists of several components: sexual health, family planning and safe motherhood and fatherhood …….

Preventive medicine “Stop time” (for men)

Preventive (or) preventive medicine is a set of measures aimed at preventing diseases and eliminating risk factors. While practitioners and scientists try to combat the symptoms of a disease, many of them raise the issue of preventing and preventing disease. After all, it is much more important to prevent the disease than to treat it later by swallowing a mountain of pills or resorting to more serious measures ….

Preventive medicine “Stop time” (for women)

The importance of early diagnosis nowadays is only growing. A complete diagnostic process includes not only tests and examinations, but also the identification and assessment of individual factors of each person – the rhythm of life, lifestyle, previous diseases. Important: The Anti-Aging Institute has a comprehensive approach to assessing the patient’s condition. Several doctors work with him, starting with a specialist in preventive medicine, a gastroenterologist, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist – a nutritionist …