Medical center of the hotel “Kyivska Rus” –

it is a modern multidisciplinary complex, in which advanced medical technologies are combined with traditional methods of spa treatment and rehabilitation. The center specializes in providing services in the field of therapy, urology, gastroenterology, hepatology, gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, pediatrics, vertebrology, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, detoxification and weight loss, dentistry, preventive medicine, aesthetic medicine, immunology,dermatology.

comprehensive examination and individual course of rehabilitation and treatment in a medical center under the supervision of a physician. All necessary examinations are prescribed by a doctor and selected individually for each guest in the shortest possible time. Professionalism of medical staff and modern level of service in providing high quality care allow patients to get a sense of reliability, security and comfort,

Skhidnytsia Medical Center has its own powerful laboratories equipped with the latest generation of equipment.Our laboratory is broad-based and can offer any examination.

1. General clinical: -general blood test, -general urine test, -cytological examination, -coprogram, -fecal analysis for worms
2. Biochemical tests: – liver tests, – kidney tests, -lipidogram, protein fractions, -blood electrolytes
3. Immunological studies: -Imunoglobulin A, M, G, E.
4. Cardiovascular panel: -Cardiomarker ST2, -Troponin, D-dimer, -Homocysteine, -Cystatin C
5. Rheumatoid panel: -SRB, -ASLO, -RF, -Autoimmune X-panel, -Antinuclear antibodies
6. Thyroid hormones -Tyreotropic hormone, -Trioiodothyronine free, thyroxine free, antibody to TPO, -Tyroglobulin, -AT to thyroglobulin, -Calcitonin, -Parathormone, antibodies to TSH receptors
7. Diagnosis of allergens: -Inhalation panel, -Pediatric panel, -food panel, -Wan reaction (drug allergy), Food Profil

(Comprehensive tests – assessment of food hypersensitivity)
8. Perinatal diagnosis: -HG total, -PAPP protein, -Alphafetoprotein, -Estriol free, -Screening of the 1st trimester, -Screening of the 2nd trimester
9. Reproductive hormones: -Antimullerian hormone, -Estradiol, -Luteinizing hormone, -Progesterone, -Prolactin, -Testosterone, -Follicle-stimulating hormone, -SHBG (sex hormone)
10. Other hormones: -Adrenocorticotropic hormone, -Somatotropic hormone, -C-peptide, -Insulin, -Cortisol
11. Oncomarkers: -Brain oncomarkers, -lymphoid system, -pulmonary,-uterus, multiple myeloma, breast, -Kidney, -nasopharynx and ear, -Pancreatic gland, -liver, -Product gland, -Bladder, -Esophagus , -column, -cervix, -stomach, -thyroid gland, -testicular, -ovarian.
12. Diagnosis of hepatitis: hepatitis B, C, A, -Interleukin IL 28B
13. Helminthiasis in the blood: -Ascariasis, -Echinococcosis, -Giardiasis, -Opistrochosis, -Toxocariasis, -Trichonellosis, -Helmints
14. Infectious Disease Panel (ELISA): -Cough, -Lime disease,-measles virus, -Epstein-Barr, -Tuberculosis, -Quantiferon test, -Helicobacter pylori, -Herpes, -Cytomegalovirus, -Redness, -Mycopla, -Toxoplasma, -Chlamydia, -Candida, -Trichomonas, -Syphilis
15. Infectious panel (PCR): -Andoflor, -Femoflor, -herpes virus, -Gonorrhea, -Parvovirus, -Papillomavirus genotyping
16. Bacterial tests with an antibioticogram: -Horse, -Ear, -Nose, -Eye, -Study of feces (dysbacteriosis),-Urine, -Blood, -Urethra, -Vagina, -wound

Functional diagnostics:

  • electrocardiography with computer interpretation of the result is performed;
  • spirometry;
  • densitometry;
  • blood pressure monitoring system with software;
  • SOMNO CHECK – diagnosis of sleep, snoring and cardiorespiratory disorders;
  • InBody bioimpedancemetry;
  • Holter monitoring of the electrocardiogram;
  • fractional duodenal sounding with the use of mineral water “Naftusya”, determination of acidity;
  • daily glycemic monitoring system;
  • polysomnography
  • pH-metry (measurement of acidity of gastric juice)
  • colposcopy
  • fibrogastroduodenoscopy;
  • rectoromanoscopy;
  • anoscopy;
  • colonoscopy;
  • removal of polyps of the gastrointestinal tract (polypectomy is performed both under local and general anesthesia (medical sleep), in a comfortable
  • environment with photo and video recording of the operation)
  • colposcopy
  • gastrolizer – water breath test
  • screening non-invasive diagnosis of blood formula
  • oligoscan – non-invasive determination of heavy metals in the body
  • services Magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and X-ray

Ultrasound diagnostics:

With the help of the new generation device of TOSHIBA SSA – 580A NEMIO XG with sensors examination of abdominal organs, urinary system, genital system (uterus, appendages, prostate, testicles), mammary glands, thyroid gland, as well as vaginal and rectal sensors is performed; ultrasound diagnosis of the heart, main arteries of the neck, vessels of the lower extremities.joints. Lung ultrasound on the new ACUSON Juniper ultrasound system

All necessary examinations are prescribed by a doctor and selected individually for each guest as soon as possible.

The professionalism of medical staff and the current level of service in providing high quality care allow patients to gain a sense of reliability, security and comfort, as well as provides diagnosis of diseases at an early stage, quality planned treatment and prevention.