Check-up for examination in our medical center with -10%

Favorable offer for you and your family!

Accents have shifted, and now the age after 30 is the busiest and busiest time. Family, children, friends, careers, travel, self-education and hobbies ─ we strive to live fully, brightly and do not want to hear the phrase “something went wrong”. To do this, today you need to plan not only life but also health. Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & SPA specialists have developed a series of check-ups for a full examination for each age category and gender.
Medical check up is a new service in our medical center. In fact, this is a comprehensive examination, which will be appointed by any of our specialists. Our main task is to postpone this need for as long as possible. Diagnosis just helps to solve it, because being warned means being armed.

What gives check up?

  • It is necessary to update the clinical picture since the last examination
  • Identification of risk factors for chronic diseases (primary prevention)
  • Detection of symptoms of latent disease (secondary prevention)
  • An update of knowledge about modern medicine is needed – it still does not stand still
  • Getting to know or strengthening your relationship with your doctor

Medical check up is not a way to spend your money: doctors agree that it is optimal to do it once a year (but you can once every 2-3 years, if there are no serious problems).
Health is the most valuable thing we have. And even if it seems that “everything is as usual”, and nothing special is happening to the body, it is better to check ─ according to plan or spontaneously. The latter option, by the way, involves a rapid examination. Our experts say that this can be done even as part of a tourist visit – it won’t take long.


According to the WHO, the most common causes of death are cardiovascular disease, lower respiratory tract infections, obstructive pulmonary disease, oncology, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, ie diseases that are chronic and in an advanced state.

Most of these diseases are easily curable in the initial stages, but at first they show almost no symptoms. And the modern way of life of the person does not promote preservation of health to old age. Sedentary work in a closed office, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet, stress and poor environment cause negative changes in the body much faster.

That’s why there is a check-up – an examination of the body for early detection of dangerous diseases, because prevention is the key to health.